Feedback of Participants

"The organizers did a wonderful job - great talks, productive networking, outstanding science.


Mickey Kosloff (University of Haifa)

"The Erlangen GLISTEN has an outstanding speaker list - on par with many expensive alternatives (such as Keystone and Gordon meetings). The poster sessions and buffe food during the breaks has allowed for plenty of networking opportunities.

The meeting has been very inspiring for my young researchers, which will leave the meeting with new scientific insights and perspectives. The exposure to a critical mass of relevant projects and people, have given them the option to choose between several external research stays.

As head of the GPCRdb database, our Satellite meeting has again greatly facilitated the common effort with about 30 attendees contributing data or development. Also the public demo has been a great opportunity to inform the community about new features, and receive constructive feedback."

David Gloriam (University of Copenhagen)

"Overall, the event was well-organized! Timetables were kept with decent accuracy. It was nice that tentative starting and finishing times were posted early on, as this is very relevant for booking flights.

Concerning smaller matters, I especially liked that the organizers helped the speakers with the microphones. This is almost always neglected. Snacks during the coffee breaks were very good, but I was disappointed by the lack of tea."

Lasse Karhu (University of Helsinki)

"Congratulations on excellent conference with impressive program and outstanding speakers."

Milka Vrecl (University of Ljubljana)

"Dear organizers of  GLISTEN Meeting in Erlangen,

I want to congratulate you for an excellent meeting with an amazing program, great speakers, interesting discussions and wonderful atmosphere. It was such a pleasure to meet in person many highly respected scientists who I knew only from publications in prestigious journals.

I was very impressed by the excellent lectures and poster presentations and got a lot out of it.

All best wishes and thanks for including me."

Mája Polakovičová (Univerzita Komenského, Bratislava)

"The meeting was very good and as a new researcher on GPCRs I got a good overview on what the field is working at. It was good that the poster session was not simultanoeusly with the talks.  I only have a two minor points for improvement:
1. The lecture hall was a bit too small
2. Maybe some participants would have appreciated a vegetarian dish at the conference dinner.

Thank you for the great, well organized meeting."

Brigitta Wöhrl (Universität Bayreuth)

"Dear organizers,

the conference was a real highlight with outstanding talks by world-leading experts in the field - medicinal chemistry (including structural biology and pharmacology)  at its best!
A good mixture of yound and advanced researchers.
Hope to see more conferences of this kind, where not a single minute was wasted... there was even hardly enough time to see all the great posters and talk to all the colleagues.

Thank you!"

Christa Müller (Universität Bonn)

"Excellent conference, superb speakers and posters and very well organized."

Jesper Mosolff Mathiesen (Zealand Pharma)

"The meeting was an excellent balance of structure, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry that I thoroughly enjoyed. All the talks were of a high standard and the discussions were great. I look forward to the next meeting!"

Chris Tate (MRC, Cambridge)

"GLISTEN 2016 was a great meeting and opportunity to meet key opinion leaders in the field of GPCR science. I was impressed by the line up of scientific talks and their highly professional presentation. This private/personal meeting gave every attendee the chance to exchange thoughts on the deep knowledge, that has built in GPCR science over the years. From highly ranked professors to PhD students, everyone was in great mood and  keen to discuss up to date GPCR topics in a passionate way. The GLISTEN meeting has a great impact on networking and collaboration building in the field of GPCR science."

Jens Baron (Cisbio)