Prof. Dr. J. Wegener (UR)

Prof. Dr. P. Gmeiner (FAU)



Prof. Dr. G. Bernhardt (UR)

Dr. S. Löber (FAU)


Recruitment committee:

Prof. Dr. J. Wegener (UR)

Prof. Dr. P. Gmeiner (FAU)

Prof. Dr. M. Heinrich (FAU)

Prof. Dr. B. König (UR)


Students representatives:

Lukas Grätz (UR)

Michael Plach (FAU)

Organizational Structure


GRK 1910 is managed by a Steering Committee consisting of the two Spokesmen Prof. Dr. P. Gmeiner and Prof. A. Buschauer) and two Coordinators (Dr. S. Löber, Prof. Dr. G. Bernhardt). The study and visiting scientist programme is organized by the Steering Committee in close cooperation with graduates, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, junior scientists and supervisors. The Coordinators take responsibility to coordinate press and public relation work, quality management and the administration of the funds.

The Graduate School Member Assembly, which consists of the participating and associated researchers is concerned with all aspects that relate to implementation, progress and refinement of the research and study programme. A Recruitment Committee for the admission of the graduates and postdocs consists of four Supervisors (two from each university), elected by the Graduate School Member Assembly. The Assembly of Graduates and Postdocs is concerned with the organization of workshops, seminars and retreats, the message board and with the suggestion and invitation of guest speakers. They will be also involved in the organization of the Summer School. The Assembly of Graduates and Postdocs elects two Student Representatives (one from each university), who will meet by video-conferencing with the Steering Committee on a jour-fixe basis.