Reimbursement Rules

Please read the following carefully, as these rules will apply to all participants eligible for reimbursement.

For questions related to the Reimbursement rules, please contact

  1. By registering for the GLISTEN Erlangen meeting, I might become eligible for reimbursement through GLISTEN. The decision about my reimbursement eligibility will be taken by the Equality Officer, the Vice-Chair and the Chair after the registration period has ended and will be communicated to me.

  2. Should I become eligible for reimbursement, I will receive an invitation from the e-COST website.

  3. Upon receipt of the e-COST invitation, I have exactly two weeks (14 calendar days) to

    • accept the invitation via e-COST

    • book my long-distance travel

    • upload my long-distance travel ticket to e-COST

    • indicate the number of nights I will spend at the meeting

    • should I choose not to travel from my home country directly to Erlangen and back, I understand that I will have to provide a comparative price quote (proper dates and towns of departure) and upload it to e-COST as well

  4. I understand that I must not finish my claim in e-COST before the meeting (i.e. that I do not have to execute Step 5).

  5. I understand that if I fail to upload my long-distance travel ticket and the comparative price quote within two weeks (cf. item 3), my reimbursement eligibility will be revoked and passed on to the next person on the waiting list.

  6. I furthermore understand that I am the only person responsible to keep the deadline and that GLISTEN is not obligated to remind me of the deadline.

All the participants eligible for reimbursement will receive an excerpt from the Vademecum that can be downloaded HERE.

By registering to the congress, I acknowledge that I have read the rules and will follow them, in particular that I will book and upload my long-distance travel within two weeks.